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Requirement to participate

To participate in the EmprendeWorld Compensation Plan you must be sponsored by an active member of the program and purchase the EW-1 package. The cost of this package is $ 2 dollars plus a commission for handling currency and the amount of it will be paid directly to the account that your sponsor has in our program.

It is important to mention that, just as your sponsor will receive the full amount of the purchase that you will make of the EW-1 package, you, will also receive the amount of the EW-1 package purchase made by each of your direct referrals. On our website we detail this aspect and everything related to the charges you can receive for purchases made by all members of your guest network.

Forced Matrix of 4 X 7 and 7 levels of payment

In order to keep track of the collections and sales of advertising packages, the Compensation Plan makes use of an array ordered in a matrix form of 4 front elements by 7 levels of depth. This means that all your direct or indirect referrals that enter the program will be placed in a 4 X 7 forced matrix created from the position you occupy in the general network.

Under this matrix arrangement, you can only have 4 people in the first level of your guest matrix and, just like you, your referrals they can only have 4 people in their first level. The first level of them will be your second level. Therefore, if each of them can have 4 people in their first level, when this happens you will have 16 people in your second level.

Well, this logical construction of your matrix arrangement is repeated in the subsequent levels, so we have that you will have 64 people in its third level, 256 in its fourth level, 1024 people in its fifth level, 4096 people in its sixth level and 16384 people in their seventh level.

All these people will allow you to have income each time you purchase an advertising package. The amount you will receive will depend on the position of the guest and the type of advertising package purchased.

Referrals Spill

You can refer to as many people as you wish. The more people you refer, the greater the amount of payments that you will receive as a result of joining the program. Well, only here is an important detail, the Compensation Plan only allows you to have 4 people located in the first level of your guest matrix, so the rest of your referrals will be automatically located by the system in the existing gaps levels below. This purpose it is called "referral spill".

The spill of referrals is generated based on the intensity of the promotion activities of you or of the users located above your position. In these circumstances, at the first level of your guest network you can have your own referrals or referrals of people located above the position you occupy in the general network. Referrals from you will be called "Direct Referrals" and referrals from other people will be called "Indirect Referrals".

Well, the income you get from the purchases of the people that make up your network of guests will depend on the position they occupy and their status as a referral, that is, if they are Direct or Indirect Referrals from you. Clicking on the red button will take you to our website where more details are offered.

Payments income

The minimum payment established by the company is US$ 15.00, when your income reaches this amount, you can make your withdrawals to the payment processor of your preference and, if you reside in Mexico, you can request deposits directly in your bank accounts, not importing the bank.




  • That they are enterprising and capable of visualizing the potential of new business models.

  • That they are willing and motivated to reach a very prosperous economic situation.

  • That they are willing to commit to working on the project between two and three hours a day.

  • Be knowledgeable about affiliate systems and marketing networks.

  • That they have a computer, Tablet or Smartphone and Internet connection.

 W                       WHAT WE OFFER                        


  • Integration in an ambitious international technological project.

  • Marketing Tools 100% free and easily customizable (Some can be downloaded on this page).

  • Teamwork and the support you need from the first day.

  • High order incomes in the medium and long term.

  • A single investment of US$ 2 is required, no more will come out of your pocket.


If you are interested, click on the button below and Register on our website, in the area of members you have a virtual office where you can see in real time the evolution of your account, the advertising service and other sections that will be your interest.