Fo-Ti (Polygonum Multiflorum) Improves Arteriosclerosis, Fortifies Hair, Natural Anti-whitehair

Fo-Ti (Polygonum Multiflorum) Prevents and Improves Arteriosclerosis, Fortifies Hair, is a Natural Anti-whitehair. Fo-Ti is considered one of the four great herbs of China, it is used alternately with ginseng.

It is nutritious blood Tonic, gives slight heat and tonic effect to the liver and kidney (MTC). Invigorates the vital essence and the blood. Strengthens muscles, tendons, bones. Accelerates the mobility of the intestine (thin and thick), fortifies the hair (natural anti white hair). Polygonum multiflorum, synonymous with Fallopia multiflora, is a widely used Chinese herb. It is said to rejuvenate the body. The root contains a considerable amount of lecithin. The Fo-Ti is a plant native to China, where it is still cultivated. It is also grown extensively in Japan and Taiwan. The raw root is sometimes used for medicinal purposes. However, once boiled in a special broth prepared with black beans, it is considered a better and quite different medicine, according to traditional Chinese medicine. Sometimes, the unprocessed root is called white Fo-Ti and the processed root, red Fo-Ti. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the raw root is used to relax the intestine and cleanse the blood, while the processed root strengthens the blood, kidneys and liver, and serves as a tonic to increase overall vitality. It has been shown that the processed root reduces cholesterol levels. According to the results of animal studies, it helps to reduce fat deposits in the blood and possibly prevents arteriosclerosis. In other studies about Fo-Ti, the effects of this plant on immune function, formation of red blood cells and its antibacterial effect were investigated.

If you want to consume Fo-Ti, it is always advisable to strictly follow the instructions detailed by the manufacturer for use in the product packaging, or you can also consult a naturopathic doctor or professional of the sector to guide us. The consumption of Fo-Ti root extract in any of its forms, no side effects are known taken in the doses indicated. Producers and sellers of Fo-Ti and other natural products with medicinal properties, have a new space to display and sell their products in bUnited and cover all their communication needs. bUnited is a new platform created to make our world more just and sustainable and provide resources to the people who need them most on our planet.

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