Ginseng Prevents and Improves Anemia, physical and mental fatigue, is a Powerful Antioxidant

The Ginseng, the root or its extract is a fantastic restorative tonic at the muscular, nervous, cellular and intellectual levels. Regarding its vitamin content, Ginseng provides B vitamins, vitamin C, essential oils, strogens and amino acids to highlight some.

The Ginseng is a powerful antioxidant that slows cell aging and improves skin elasticity, strengthens the immune system, increases overall vitality, stimulates and tones especially in cases of physical and intellectual fatigue. Ginseng is recommended in tasks that require great efforts, and for athletes, It increases brain irrigation, which accelerates mental agility and prevents degenerative brain diseases such as senility and thrombosis, stimulates cell regeneration, is a fantastic tonic restorative at a muscular level, it combats physical and mental fatigue, increases the production of red blood cells preventing anemia, reinforces brain activity, increasing the capacity for concentration, memory and libido. It is advisable to consume Ginseng seasonally, with a maximum of 45 days and 45 rest days. In any case, if you want to consume Ginseng, it is always advisable to strictly follow the instructions detailed by the manufacturer for use in the packaging of the product, or you can also consult a naturopathic doctor or professional of the sector to guide us. When consuming Ginseng extract, no side effects are known taken at the indicated doses.

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