Reishi The Food that heals, The Mushroom Of Immortality, anti-cholesterol with anti-tumor effects

Reishi mushrooms, It is an edible fungus native to China and known at least for 2000 years. The Reishi is a mushroom that has had great therapeutic importance since the beginning of the Chinese empire and that only in the last 50 years has aroused interest among Western scientists, it was listed at the beginning as the "food that cure" or the "mushroom of the inmmortality¨ for its longevity properties.

Botanical Characteristics: It is a fragile mushroom whose colors vary from white to black, passing through yellow tones, the stem is pale, sinuous towards the hat, with a height of approximately 10 cms. The Reishi grows in all the warm latitudes of the planet of sub-tropical climate, it develops in the trunk of damaged or dead trees (Olmos, Willows, Oaks, Plums and Others).

Nutritional Value: The nutritional value of the Reishi mushroom is relatively low. It is rich in carbohydrates and proteins, has little fat but at the expense of oleic acid (unsaturated fat) with good anti-cholesterol effects, the caloric value is also low, contains vitamins B, C, D and minerals such as germanium, iron, calcium and match. Reishi Mushrooms have the following components that have anti-tumor effects, ganodesic acid has a cytotoxic effect, proteoglycans have immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory activity, dietary fiber has high molecular weight emicelulose, not absobible by humans, related to the entrainment of pre-cancer substances, preventing their absorption and facilitating their excretion. These fibers seem to act against some cancers. Germanium facilitates the production of interferon and decreases pain in the final stages of cancer due to its anti-inflammatory effect.

Reishi mushrooms also have immunomodulatory effects, polysaccharides increase the production and life of CD4 helper lymphocytes, which are destroyed when invaded by the virus and which help to reduce the intensity of symptoms, both in viral infections and in the one produced by the virus (HIV). Other components that are found in the Reishi mushrooms have cardiovascular effects, it is an arterial hypotensive, it can decrease between 10% and 20% the blood pressure, both diastolite and systolic, it is a good cardiotonic, helps to improve blood flow to the heart, it decreases the oxygen consumption of the cardiac muscle, it is useful in the treatment of angina, it is lipid-lowering, due to the presence of low density lipoproteins (Oleic Acid), it decreases the cholesterol concentration notably, it is anti-atherosclerotic, helps to decrease the production of atheromatous plaque that restricts blood flow by narrowing of the arteries resulting in atherosclerosis. The Reishi mushrooms help to overcome fatigue states, reducing stress and chronic fatigue, they also help to improve some symptoms in neuropsychiatric disorders, such as anoxia nervosa, insomnia, Alzheimer's and is a powerful antioxidant.

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